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Win HandiMoova trolley and accessories worth £120


A boon for gardeners, DIY, campers, festival-goers

HandiSac on the Handimoova
HandiSac on the HandiMoova

I’ve found the all-terrain off-road trolley, the HandiMoova, a massive help in my garden – and you can win one, including a HandiSac and two HandiBungee cords in this week’s competition, RRP £120.

It’s not just for gardeners – the HandiMoova’s a boon for festival-goers, camping and caravanners, DIY enthusiasts – if you need to move something over uneven ground, it can help.

Designed and developed in the UK, the HandiMoova uses patented technology to help you shift loads of up to 60kg over rough terrain including grass, sand and gravel and up and down stairs with ease.

HandiMoova trolley
HandiMoova trolley

It’s light (5kg), folds up to store and the HandiSac has a capacity of 190 litres.

The key to the trolley is the patented Camba Technology, designed over three years by London-based Therefore Product Design. Hemi-spherical shaped wheels are mounted on separate, inclined floating axles, that constantly optimizes the rolling performance and footprint of each wheel.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is RT #HandiMoova on Twitter in my MandyCanUDigIt account, or share on the MandyCanUDigIt Facebook page. Competition ends midnight on Tuesday, August 23 and the winner will be picked from my hat on Wednesday, August 24. UK entries only, please.

For my full review, click here and for more details, visit www.handiworld.com.

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