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Beamish Leek Show 2016 preview

Prize-winning leeks
Prize-winning leeks. Picture; Beamish Museum

Best veg and giant leeks on show, September 10-11

Beamish Leek Show takes place this weekend at the museum’s Pit Village and you can battle for bragging rights over who has the best home-grown garden produce.

As well as a leek class, there’s a range of competitions which anyone can enter for free – onions, pea pods, tomatoes, the heaviest marrow and the best misshapen vegetable.

There are flower categories too, for dahlias and miniature gardens.

Judging takes place on the morning of Saturday, September 10 and winners in each class will be awarded a certificate and a commemorative rosette. The show is open for visitors to view during the weekend.

How to enter

Leek show
Prize-winning veg and flowers

These are the categories:

Homegrown vegetables (as pulled, tops on, cleaned):

  • 2 leeks
  • 3 beetroot
  • 3 onions
  • 3 carrots
  • 3 pea pods
  • 3 potatoes
  • 3 tomatoes, with stalks
  • Longest bean
  • Heaviest marrow
  • Any misshapen vegetable
  • Tray of mixed vegetables judged on variety and quality

Beamish-Leek-Show-(3)Floral Arrangements:

  • 3 best dahlia, displayed in a jam jar
  • Arrangement entitled “70 years of Cannes Film Festival”
  • Miniature garden (no bigger than 12×12 inches in own container)

To enter, pick up a form at the museum and return it to the main entrance, or e-mail your entry to debracalder@beamish.org.uk.

Allotment show

Members of Shield Row Allotment Association hold their own show of allotment-grown leeks, flowers and vegetables. Competition is fierce, enormous leeks vie for the prestigious title of ‘Best Leek in Show’ and a wonderful array of vegetables and flowers is judged.

Leek show
Best produce in the North East

At 3.30pm on Sunday, September 11, there’s a grand auction to close the event – leeks, vegetables and floral entries from both shows will be up for grabs – a great chance to make a bid and take home some prize-winning produce!

The Leek Show is the second event in the Great North Festival of Agriculture at Beamish.

Still to come are the Agricultural Show (September 15-18), Hands-on Heritage Skills (September 24-25) and Harvest Home & Harvest Festival (October 1-2). For more information,

visit www.beamish.org.uk/events/festival-of-agriculture

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