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Solar-powered watering kit

Irrigatia solar-powered watering kit used in a greenhouse

Irrigatia takes the graft out of watering

Even the most dedicated gardener can get fed up with lugging hoses and watering cans around, but here’s a Christmas gift that will revolutionise their gardening experience.

The solar-powered irrigation system from Irrigatia takes the hard work out of watering and uses up to 90 per cent less water than a hose or sprinkler. It naturally delivers the optimum amounts of water and food when plants most need it – when the sun is shining.

Using the Irrigatia system outside

Unlike electronic timer systems that deliver water at a set time, regardless of the weather, this solar-powered package automatically judges their needs and waters every three hours.

The longer the daylight hours and the greater the light intensity, the more the system waters. The volume of water can be manually adjusted to suit an individual plant’s watering needs.

The water comes directly from a nearby water-butt and, if this is not available, a reservoir can be bought. Liquid feed can also be added to the watering process.

Irrigatia Solar Automatic Watering System

The Irrigatia system is ideal for use in glasshouses, vegetable gardens, and allotments, for houseplants, containers, hanging baskets, or the open garden.

All that is needed is a nearby water supply and somewhere to hang the solar panel and control box to capture maximum sunlight which it stores in rechargeable batteries.

Kits start from £79.99, available to buy online at www.irrigatia.com.

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