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Seed Gathering Season 2017

Red squirrel harvesting acorns
Red squirrel harvesting acorns

The Tree Council’s bid to grow trees of the future, Sept 23-Oct 23

This autumn, The Tree Council is aiming to inspire everyone, particularly schoolchildren and families, to gather seeds, fruits, and nuts and grow the trees of the future in Seed Gathering Season.

Old apple tree
Grown from a pip when I was eight in my back yard and transported to my garden

The festival started on the autumn equinox, September 23 and continues until October 23, giving everyone plenty of time to hold events and get involved.

During the next month, most trees will produce seeds and fruit that can be gathered, potted up, sown and, with care, grown into a tree.

There are coordinated events and informal activities, or just go out for a walk and reflect on the importance of trees in your own neighbourhood.

It’s not hard to grow a tree from seed – I managed it at the age of eight and still have the mature apple tree, 42 years later!

Pauline Buchanan-Black, director-general of The Tree Council said: “Anyone who values the trees in their street, park or fields can play their own part in passing it forward by collecting healthy seeds with a view to growing a young tree.

“In the right place, that seed will become not only a visual asset but also, a living, breathing part of the ecosystem that is the bedrock of life as we understand it.

“For too long, the value of trees in both economic and environmental terms has been understated and Seed Gathering Season is the time to turn that around. Everyone with a place to plant can grow a seedling of their own and watch it develop into a tree for the next generation.”

For expert advice, there are planned events, run by The Tree Council’s member organisations, its volunteer tree wardens, and other supporters. Further information and a free poster to download can be found on www.treecouncil.org.uk/.

For events near you, visit http://www.treecouncil.org.uk/Take-Part/Near-You.

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